Opposite Day

Yesterday was not opposite day, it was a typical I am nursing a broken heart day which consisted of me not showering, not eating any healthy food, not drinking enough water, not going outside at all, binging on Netflix and indulging nervous self-destructive habits. Not a good start to 2016, but it was just one day and a girl is allowed one day to wallow right?

Today, however, I am determined to not mope about all day in my pajamas eating greasy food and watching Jane the Virgin for a second time. So I declare this 2nd day of January 2016 Opposite Day.

Instead of sulking about in frumpy dumpy PJs I am going to take a shower get dressed in clean clothes. It might be yoga pants, but they will be clean and not pajamas.

Instead of taking shortcuts in personal care I am going to shave my legs, and any other areas that need grooming 

Instead of smoking another cigarette I am going to take that nervous energy and finish unpacking boxes that have been sitting in my living room since I moved in over 6 weeks ago. This is my home now, time to make it mine.

Instead of indulging my nasty OCD habit of picking at my face till I bleed I am going to apply one of those fancy masks sitting in my vanity and then meditate while it works its magic.

Instead of shopping online for the perfect running shoes and companion accessories that I am certain will change my life and fitness habits I am just going to make do with the 47.000 items of clothing, shoes, and accessories I already own and just get my ass out there not caring if I look SO LAST SEASON.

Instead of letting a perfectly good Free Range Organic turkey go to waste because I have no one to cook for I am going to cook the hell out of that bird today and just do it for me because I love to cook. All traditional fixings included. My dog will be so pleased too.

Instead of wishing for things that will never be I will ask the universe to fill me with hope and peace and a loving heart so that maybe tomorrow I can live a little more peacefully and happy.

And instead of beating myself up for not doing all of these things in one day, or every day, and then giving up and going back to Sad Kat I will be more forgiving of myself and do my best and make a promise to myself that every day I do the exact opposite of something, anything, one small simple choice that moves me in a more positive direction.

Care to join me in Opposite Day? Which one thing will you do the complete opposite of?