Where Have the Holidays Gone?

When I was a kid Thanksgiving was a day of family, food, and board games. People were home with their families and if you ran out of milk you might be lucky enough to find some at the gas station. Otherwise you were out of luck.

Today, I can shop shop shop and shop some more. Wal-Mart has paved the way to the destruction of the American holiday, in my opinion. And now, companies are open everywhere. If needed, I could even get my prescription filled today. Starbucks, Radio Shack, Rite Aid, all open, business as usual.

It’s wrong. Wrong to take people away from their homes and families. Wrong to encourage our society to sacrifice family to get the best deal. Wrong that we do not get one day to really be grateful without it being used as an opportunity to boost sales and increase profits.

It makes me mad. And sad. This is not how I want this world to be. For anyone.

Can’t we just take this day back from those greedy retailers and take a breath?


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