Fear is a Powerful Motivater

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.”

Fear, healthy and unhealthy, has been a topic of interest for me over the past year. What causes fear, what drives it, and the risks or rewards we experience in the face of fear.

My greatest fear is heights and/or falling to my untimely death. The fear was so paralyzing that I was not able to drive over bridges, stand on a ladder (or chair), or look outside when in tall buildings. My vision would begin to tunnel, my balance would be affected, my heart rate would increase, and my breathing would be rapid and shallow. All signs of impending death.

So, I decided to tackle this fear head on. First, for our anniversary I booked a sea plane tour over the Golden Gate Bridge. And I lived to tell the tale. Next, I booked us a Zip Line tour of the Sonoma County redwoods. Scariest day of my life, letting go and throwing myself towards the next landing. And I lived.

Now, I can ride roller coasters and drive over bridges with the best of them. I also know that there is no fear that cannot be overcome. For me, the key was not simply diving in head first but dipping my toe into the pond little by little until my confidence was greater than my fear.


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